Steps to Return to the Meeting House

The plan to return to the meeting house.

Steps We are Taking to Return to the Meeting House

  1. The state of Mississippi remains under a Stay-at-Home executive order by the governor until May 11, 2020.
  2. The deacons and I believe we should submit to the request of the authorities. We do not believe the government is doing this to persecute us but to protect us. In respect to them we shall comply.
  3. We will return to the meeting house on Sunday, May 17, 2020.
  4. We have considered the questions for consideration by the Mississippi Baptist Convention and Georgia Baptist Convention concerning how we return to the meeting house.
  5. We have also conducted a survey of those who attend Red Banks. The survey questions were proposed by Lifeway of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  6. After prayerful consideration, the Deacons and I have decided the following:
  7. We will reopen the meeting house for worship on May 17, 2020.
  8. We will have two worship services to provide opportunity for social distancing. The early service will be at 10:00am and the later service will be at 11:00am. Both will be 45 minutes in length.
  9. We will provide one-way foot traffic in and out of the building. Please enter the sanctuary in the front. The doors will be open so you will not have to touch handle. You will exit out the hallway to the kitchen.
  10. Pews will be marked to allow for social distancing. You are welcome to sit with those in your family who you reside and already have contact with.
  11. We suggest you maintain the six foot distancing as best you can.
  12. The CDC recommends people wear masks while in public. We suggest you do so but we do not require it. We will attempt to provide masks for anyone who needs one. However, it is best you provide your own.
  13. Hand sanitizer stations will be available if we are able to acquire the hand sanitizer. We recommend you bring your own in case we are unable to keep it stocked. (Hand sanitizer has been hard to come by)
  14. We will NOT MEET for Sunday school through the month of May. Our hope is to resume Sunday school on Sunday, June 7. However, this will be evaluated at the end of May.
  15. We will NOT MEET on Sunday night or Wednesday night though the month of May. Our hope is to resume the night services on Sunday, June 7 and Wednesday, June 10. However this will be evaluated at the end of May.
  16. We DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone over 65 or anyone of any age with health conditions or a compromised immune system to attend services at this time. This is only a recommendation.
  17. We will continue to stream services online as we have been doing for those of you who cannot attend.
  18. We will provide a FM broadcast of the service on FM 101.3 to the parking lot. If you want to drive to church and remain in your car you may do so.
  19. This broadcast will only reach into the parking lot.
  20. There will be no Nursery or Children's activities in the month of May. We will evaluate at the end of May.
  21. There will be no offering plate passed at the services. You may deposit an offering in the wooden chest when you enter or you may continue to give online, by mail, or dropping off to church office.
  22. There will be no bulletins printed or distributed in the month of May. This will be evaluated at the end of May.
  23. We DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone shake hands at this time.
  24. The restrooms should only be used if absolutely necessary. We clean and disinfect the restrooms, however, you are at a higher risk when using them in a public setting.
  25. If you are sick, please do not attend services. Please stay home until you are well.

We are aware there are many varying opinions with regard to the CoVid19 crisis. Our responsibility is to do our best to protect the people of Red Banks and safeguard the weakest among us. Please be respectful of those who are more at risk than you may be. Some may wear a mask, others may not, but we should be respectful of everyone.

To better prepare for our return to the meeting house, we are asking you to sign up for the service you are most likely to attend the first Sunday back. The 10:00 service will be musically similar to the services we have had this past year. The 11:00 service will be more traditional. Both services will have the same message. Please sign up for the one you prefer. You are welcome to attend BOTH IF space is available.

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