Brave-Fest 5

Sunday, October 29 @ 6:00pm

Volunteer for Brave-Fest 5 - October 29 @ 6:00pm

Please fill out this form and hit "I want to serve.":

Description of Volunteer Teams:

Tent-A-Treat - This team will bring pop-up tents to His Fields and decorate them and hand out treats to children and families.

The Jonah Team - This team will staff and provide support for the Jonah and the Whale experience in the Family Life Center.

Food Service - This team will provide food service for visiting families.

Parking and Security - This team will monitor parking and provide security for the event.

Costume/Hospitality Team - This team will wear costumes we have accumulated over the years and welcome families.

Photography/Video Team - This team will take photos and videos of the event.

Clean-Up Team - Would be great if everyone marked this! We....uh....clean up.