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Chase the Lion Mission

How to Help One of our Local Schools

Partnership with Love is Action to assist H.W. Byers School

Last May, a group from Red Banks Baptist Church attended a meeting with a faith-based, non-profit called Love is Action. Also, present at the meeting were members of the H.W. Byers staff. The elementary principal, Bobby Sims, is doing an excellent job. In his brief tenure of three years he has led the school from a F grade to a C grade. There is a good possibility, once scores are released for this year, that they have improved to a B rating. Principal Sims and his staff are to be commended for their commitment and hard work. We toured the school and determined there is a need to help with the infrastructure of the school. The group, Love is Action, is co-ordinating this effort. We have one group at Red Banks that has adopted Classroom #10. A video of this class room is on this page. Our goal is not to argue the politics of public school education. Our goal is to come alongside a principal who is doing his best to improve the school for the students he serves. If you would like to contribute to this effort, you may do so by hitting the blue icon on the lower right. If you would like to help Classroom #10 then select the option. If you would like to help purchase paint for the hallways and other infrastructure needs select Chase the Lion Mission. Either way, every cent given will go to help the school. If you give online, it is best to do so by ACH check. A fee of twenty-five cents is charged by our online provider regardless of the size of gift. If you give by credit card a 1.9% service fee is assessed on the amount of the gift. If you would like to mail in a check you may send to:

Red Banks Baptist Church

(Chase the Lion Mission)

P.O. Box 9

Red Banks, MS 39661

If you live in our area and would like to volunteer to give time and energy to this project then complete the form below. We will contact you when a work project is being done.

Classroom #10

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